Yoshimi has prodigious skills with technology and serves as the Carrier Communications Officer. Sweetheart of Tyler, she has to fight for his attention sometimes, but behind every great man is the cutest tech head you'll ever meet.

"Ohmygod OHMYGOD! That is sooo cuuuuute!" - Yoshimi

- Festival Card #040

Yoshimi Arai, otherwise known as Yoshi or 'Shimi is the communications expert for the Festival in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. She can often be found on the Carrier. Yoshimi seems to be good friends with Big Dog and Mash.

She is voiced by Danielle Judovits.


  • Yoshimi was once in a relationship with Tyler, and later makes up with him towards the end of the Festival. She ultimately saves his life after the Carrier leaves him behind.
  • She has her own radio station based on the Carrier, called "Yo FM."
  • Her shelf behind the computer also has a number of interesting things that includes a life-size doll of herself, and an RC Patriot P10-XR alongside the RC Mirage 101 (similiar to Mash 's "The Zero")
  • In her emails, there are multiple Easter Eggs, such as Mash asking to race RC cars (a possible reference to MotorStorm RC), and Dice saying he feels uneasy (forshadowing his later death due to Muerte sabotaging his Patriot Surger).
    • Her emails also reveal that Muerte does communicate with others, but only through text, such as emails.


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