The Wulff Revo.

The Wulff Revo is a rally car in MotorStorm and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It is a very popular vehicle used by players.


  • The Revo closely resembles a Porsche 959 Rally Car.
  • A Chinese New Year livery can be downloaded (for free) for the Revo in the original MotorStorm, which will automatically be available for players, albeit only with the DLC livery.
  • This vehicle also appears in the Mischief Vehicle Pack 2 in MotorStorm RC.
  • In the Devil's Weekend DLC, You can unlock the purple Sonix livery that was previously an AI only livery.
  • In Motorstorm the drivers are Hunter, Skully, Stitch, Meggan Fitz, Revs Ridout, Evil Wench and Louhi.
  • The Revo, as seen in concept art, was originally going to have rally lights.

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