Wulff Enduro

The Wulff Enduro.

The Wulff Enduro is a bike that appears in all main installments of MotorStorm on the PS3 (excluding MotorStorm RC, where no bikes are present in).


In MotorStorm, the Enduro is the 4th unlocked Bike in the game.

In Pacific Rift, the Enduro is unlocked by reaching Festival Rank 8.

In Apocalypse it is unlocked by completing two Level 3 Part Challenges on the Wasabi Wildcat MX.


  • No playable characters use this Bike during the Festival of Apocalypse, although a Brotherhood member, Hunter, uses it during Tyler's prologue, hinting that it may be his signature vehicle.
  • Judging by its appearance, the Enduro is certainly inspired by rally raid bikes, particularly the Dakar Rally variant of the KTM 660. Its design somehow also takes a nod to touring-style motorcycles, such as the BMW R1200GS.
  • "Enduro" racing is a form of off-road motorcycle racing, usually consisting of timed segments.
  • In Apocalypse's "Afterparty" patch, a special edition of the Enduro was added, dedicated to a member of the MotorStorm community (NinjaAtHome) who passed away. Only its wheels can be customized. This is the first Special Edition vehicle available in all areas, as the Patriot Wildtrek-X SE and Wasabi Hayato SE are not available on the US PlayStation Network.
  • The Enduro, Wasabi PhoenixWasabi Wildcat MXMohawk Indiana and the Wombat Typhoon are the only vehicles to have appeared in every title, excluding Arctic Edge, although the Wombat Typhoon and the Mohawk Indiana did appear in Arctic Edge (this excludes DLC as the Patriot SurgerMojave Slugger and Voodoo Iguana appeared as DLC for Apocalypse, which makes them technically appear in all console titles too).
  • In Pacific Rift, Henry T. Pops ("Rock Fuel" livery), Lucky Jack Flynn (red/grey "Indestri" livery) and Reverend Black (red/black "Flag" livery) are the AI Characters seen riding this vehicle.