Picture 136

Stock non-Carbon edition from the Prestige Pack DLC


The carbon preorder edition supercar, the Wulff DT566M.

The Wulff DT566M is a Supercar available to those who pre-ordered MotorStorm: Apocalypse from Gamestop in the US, and from other various retailers in other countries. It is one of three possible vehicles obtainable in the Carbon Pack.

The DT566M's non-Carbon version has been released in the Prestige Pack, along with the non-Carbon version of the Mirage 401 and the Mirage LX7. Unlike the Carbon edition, the Prestige Pack edition is fully customizable.

This Supercar (which verges more on purpose-built racer) seems to take cues from the racing version of the Mercedes Benz CLK, as seen in DTM.


  • Those who pre-ordered and received this vehicle also unlock a PSN main-menu theme of this vehicle, consisting of it rotating on a turntable in the background.
  • So far, the DT566M is the tallest supercar in MotorStorm: Apocalypse (although that doesn't say much; its roof may only be as tall as - or just barely taller than - that of the Mirage 101 SuperMini).
  • The DT566M is also the largest supercar so far. Its unusual size (for a supercar) hints that it has to be a front-engined grand tourer. Despite this, however, in game it is still rear-engined, evidenced when the entire trunk falls off or when the player over-boosts.
  • This vehicle is also available in MotorStorm RC in the RC Pro-Am Expansion Pack.
  • The DT566M, along with other cars, make a brief cameo in WipEout 2048's intro sequence in the 2025 scene.



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