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Wombat mudslide
The Wombat Mudslide is an ATV appearing in MotorStorm as DLC in the Revenge Weekend pack, and is an unlockable vehicle in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It is a rugged, working ATV that can take a beating.


  • This ATV appears to have nitrous tanks mounted on the front cargo rack, as well as an electric cooling fan.
  • To unlock the Mudslide in Pacific Rift, players must at least have a silver medal in every Festival event.
  • This ATV appears to have an air snorkle, in similar style to the Ibex Scout and the Molotov Elbrus.
  • This ATV grips mud very well, better than the other ATVs.
  • The Mudslide is arguably the tallest ATV in the series, the only other contender being the Monarch Deerstalker.
  • The Mudslide may occasionally wheelie when boosting, it is unknown whether this is a glitch or not.
  • Overall the Mudslide is the most bizzare ATV in the series, equipped with multiple features including but not limited to: a cooling fan, nitrous tanks, spare gas tanks, etc; giving it almost a "Mad Max" feel.
  • Because this ATV has such a high frame at the front and rear, when taunting and punching, the Riders arm somtimes 'warps' through the frame.


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