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Wombat is a small independent custom buggy builder based in Australia. They have built up an enviable reputation since they were founded nearly 20 years ago, and today are widely regarded as designers of the best performing desert racing buggies and sand rails in the world.
- MotorStorm: Pacific Rift press kit description

Wombat is an Australian manufacturer in the MotorStorm series. They primarily make vehicles for off-road conditions, such as ATVs and Buggies. Recently in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, Wombat added a Muscle Car, the Darkwood.


Monument Valley & Pacific Rift

Pacific Rift




  • It is worthy to note that the Typhoon has appeared in every MotorStorm title to date (including the PSP/PS2 spinoff Arctic Edge), and on the front cover of every title, as well.
  • Wombat names most of their vehicles after natural disasters (apart from the Darkwood and Beachmaster).
  • Although Monarch has the largest number of trophy-unlocked vehicles in Pacific Rift, Wombat has the highest proportion, as only one of their vehicles is not unlocked via a trophy (the Hurricane).

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