Ae wolfpack mountain 2
A circuit around the summit of Wolfpack Mountain is anything but the easy race promised by veterans hoping to catch a rookie out as they make their way up top. Fraught with windy gullies, sheer drops and darkened caves, the rookie racer will need their wits about them to get out in one piece.

- Festival Card description

WolfPack Mountain is a track in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge.

Hidden emblem locationsEdit

  • Location 1: On the reversed version of this track is an Emblem. To find it, reach the giant wolf statue and look at its base once you are directly in front of it. There should be an emblem on the statue near that area.
  • Location 2: On the forward version of this track is a second emblem. It is located at the very end of the track on the bask side of the old cabin which drivers must drive through on the elevated path. There will be another WipEout Emblem.


  • Gameplay
  • WolfPack Mountain is one of the few tracks in Arctic Edge which does not feature an ice bridge nor an avalanche area.
  • On the forward version of this track, a new path opens up in the upper portion of the cave, providing a shortcut that proves usefull for any class.

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