Ae widowmaker 2

"In the muddy valley between two mountains, the Widow Maker is a wasteland of sharp rocks and metalwork designed to test every skill a driver has. Wooden ramps and scaffolding provide new routes for smart drivers to get the upper hand on their opponents."

Widow Maker is a Track in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge.


  • Hidden Emblem Location: On the Reversed version of this track is a very difficult to find Emblem near the start. Take the route at the beginning which has you hopping down a series of stone steps; after the steps on the left wall under the jump of a different route is the hidden Emblem.
  • Hidden Emblem Location 2: On the Forward version of this track is another Emblem. To find it, simply drive halfway through the giant curve, then jump into the area in which the curve goes around. If you look at where the curve started from that point, you will find another Killzone Emblem.

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