Eagle 1

Candy Buzzbomb's livery.

The Wasabi Eagle is an ATV that appears in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and returns in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It is more race-oriented in its appearance than other ATVs, having a unique independent rear suspension system and unique wheels.

In order for the Eagle to be unlocked in Apocalypse's online multiplayer, players must complete two Level 3 Part Challenges with the Wasabi Rascal.

Pacific Rift press kit descriptionEdit

Manufacturer: Wasabi International
Production: 2008 to date (300 to be produced - 8 race specific)
Chassis: Aluminium tubular chassis space frame
Engine Type: 700cc liquid cooled w/fan, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4 valves
Power output: 105bhp
Transmission: 5-speed w/ reverse; wet multiple clutch
Wheelbase: 1301mm (51.2in)
Length: 1961mm (77.2in)
Width: 1216mm (
Height: 1142mm (44.9in)
Curb weight: 223kg (490Lbs)
Top Speed: 102mph
0-60: 3.9 seconds
0-100: 7.1 seconds
Designer: J Wie Tse
Engineers: Andrew Bolt, Neil Massam, David Griffiths, Ben Curtis, Chris Gage, Simon Gibson
The Wasabi Eagle was originally designed for military use a quick attack vehicle for the world’s special forces. It proved so popular with the troops who used the ATV, some asked permission for it to be entered into competitive races. Wasabi International heard about the success of the Eagle and promptly made eight race specific vehicles for them to be used in the new season of the MotorStorm rally. While much of the original design was kept, certain parts needed to be made much lighter and the original “top secret” stealth body was replaced by carbon fibre look-alikes. The Wasabi Eagle is an aggressive looking vehicle and only the most aggressive riders will get the most out of it, perfect for MotorStorm!

Resemblance Edit

The Wasabi Eagle takes inspiration from a number of different ATVs. It is largely based on the KTM 525 XC , but also takes some design cues from the Suzuki LTZ 450.


  • No playable characters use the Eagle during the Apocalypse Festival, although Muerte uses one during one of his Festival events.
  • This ATV is unique in the fact that it has an independent double wishbone rear suspension, as opposed to the other ATVs' solid axle layout.
  • One of the customisation options for this ATV is 'suspension', which changes the rear differential. This is the only vehicle in MotorStorm: Apocalypse to have this customisation option.
  • One of the customisation options in Apocalypse replaces the Eagle's standard rear wheel guards with spikes, giving it a slightly more aggressive appearance.
  • The final rear mudguards to be unlocked in Apocalypse have a matte black finish that cannot be changed.
  • It is one of the default ATVs in Pacific Rift, alongside the Aztec Komodo.
  • In Pacific Rift, Hunter (faded pink livery), Ash Gordon ("Stars & Stripes livery), Mira Hawk (red/black livery) and Candy Buzzbomb (grey livery) are the AI Characters seen riding this vehicle.