Diamond backwod

Wall of Death on Diamondback Speedway.

A Wall of Death is a part of numerous tracks in the MotorStorm series. A Wall of Death is a large, steeply banked (occasionally vertical) turn that can be driven on using centrifugal force. There are numerous examples of these seen throughout the series.

List of Wall of DeathsEdit


MotorStorm: Pacific RiftEdit

It can be argued that the second half of The Edge is a Wall of Death, but it isn't banked enough to qualify as one and is far too large and straight.

MotorStorm: Arctic EdgeEdit

  • Vertigo (contains numerous Wall of Deaths, they are the main feature of this track)
  • The Chasm (contains a single wall of death about half-way through the track)
  • Northern Face (contains a single wall of death about half-way through the track)

MotorStorm: ApocalypseEdit

  • Mainline (the subway tunnels technically could be used as a Wall of Death - albeit temporarily as earthquakes will cause the uppermost sections of them to collapse)
  • Good Herb (on the U-turn on the bridge portion)

It could be argued that the O'Halloran building on Skyline has a Wall of Death on the roof, but it is moreso just an angled pile of rubble.

MotorStorm RCEdit

MotorStorm RC contains numerous banked turns, but few are banked enough to be called a Wall of Death.