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The Thunder Lizard on Badlands.

The Voodoo Thunder Lizard is a Monster Truck that appears in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It is one of the more popular models, resembling a dinosaur skull mounted on a Monster Truck chassis. The exhaust pipes exit through the beast's nostrils, which can be quite comical when the player boosts with it, giving the vehicle the appearance of breathing fire. In Pacific Rift, you must earn the "Race Fan" trophy to unlock this vehicle.

Trivia Edit

  • This vehicle bears a likely resemblance to its real-world counterpart, Jurassic Attack. while that particular truck resembles a Triceratops, the Thunder Lizard is closer in design to Ceratosaurus.
  • This vehicle also appears in MotorStorm RC as a secret unlockable vehicle. Its unlock method is relatively simple; the player has to drive around in the Playground for a total of an hour.
  • When its entire outer-casing is knocked off, you will notice that it's chassis is identical to every other Monster Truck in the game (bar the Atlas Earthquake), except fo the exhaust pipes that stick up at the front.
  • Though not the largest, the Thunder Lizard is the tallest Monster Truck in the game due to its oversized horns, which can get knocked off on many of the low-hanging branches or entrances to buildings, which gives it a disadvantage on tracks such as Sugar Rush.
  • "Weeman" Jones (bare-bones livery), Ali Stoneground (metal livery), Alfred Bait (camo livery), Tony Han (clown livery) and Shandy Hand (MotorSaurus livery) are the AI characters seen driving this vehicle.