MSA Voodoo Sandcutter Carrier
The Voodoo Sandcutter is a Buggy appearing in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It is the second unlockable buggy for online play.


The Sandcutter strongly resembles the Volkswagen Beetle chassis with a "Meyers-Manx" body kit. However, the Sandcutter is slightly wider than the traditional Meyers-Manx buggy. It also has headlights on the front quarter panels as the Meyers-Manx does. It also has elements of a sandrail and the EMPI Imp.

How to UnlockEdit

It is unlocked by completing two Part Challenges with the Wombat Typhoon.


  • Big Dog drives this vehicle on the area Docklands: Car Go.
  • By default, this buggy comes with four angled-up exhaust pipes, creating a bit of a show when the player boosts.
  • The third 'accessories' option adds a radiator with electric fans (see gallery for image), which would be uneccessary on a dune buggy, as virtually all dune buggies use air-cooled engines.


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