Voodoo iguana


The Voodoo Iguana is a Racing Truck available in MotorStorm as well as MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, and was later made available as downloadable content in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It has no front fenders or coverings over the front wheels, and has a complete tube-framed chassis.


In MotorStorm and Pacific Rift, the Iguana is unlocked through the Festival mode of the respective games.

In Apocalypse, it is featured in the Remix Pack.

The Iguana is also featured in the Elite Off-Road Pack for MotorStorm RC.


The Iguana can accurately be classified as a "truggy". Most truggies (an portmanteau of "truck" and "buggy") started life as regular trucks and are heavily modified to the point that they barely resemble their original selves. The Iguana itself is surprisingly identical in appearance to real-life truggies (save for headlights and other minor details), particularly the Terrible Herbst vehicle, which is pictured below.


  • Because of its introduction via the Remix Pack in Apocalypse, the Voodoo Iguana is currently the only Racing Truck that appears in every MotorStorm title to date (excluding MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, which did not include Racing Trucks).
  • The Iguana has many AI-exclusive liveries in Monument Valley.
  • Due to its open wheeled nature and full spaceframe chassis, the Iguana shares many features with Buggies.
  • Prior to Apocalypse, the Iguana was not fitted with functioning headlights. This is the same as the Wasabi Wildcat MX and the Mojave Slugger.
  • A truck similar to Terrible Herbst's truggy and hence, the Iguana itself, is featured in the game MX VS ATV Untamed.
  • In Pacific Rift, Henry T. Pops (white/blue livery) and Alexander Murdoch (yellow/red livery) are AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.