"Set the MotorStorm RC Festival off with a bang and blaze a trail past the competition in the Voodoo Firecracker; this Super Car requires a real speed demon behind the wheel to create a controlled explosion."

- PlayStation Store description

The Voodoo Firecracker is a downloadable Supercar in MotorStorm RC. It is based on a cartoon-esque missile. The standard Radioactive Trefoil symbol is painted on the side of it. Although it is named after Firecrackers, the actual vehicle is more akin to a ballistic missle with clouds underneath the body. The front of the Firecracker has a design which resembles typical designs found on the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk.


The Firecracker is available to download from the PlayStation Store for free, but for a limited time only. From then on, it will be a paid-for item.


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