Voodoo anaconda
The Voodoo Anaconda is a Mud Plugger in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It is the only Mud Plugger in the MotorStorm series of that make. It appears to be a kit-car from the British company Dakar 4x4, which fits Land Rover chassis with bodies better suited to off-roading.


  • In MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, this vehicle can be seen in menu-screen cinematics (along with the Patriot V8), even though it does not appear as a driveable vehicle in-game. On that basis, that would make the Anaconda the first undriveable Snow Plugger.
  • The Anaconda is briefly seen in the E3 trailer of Pacific Rift. It is seen driving into an alternative route to avoid a collapsed wooden tower.


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