Voodoo acheron
The Demonic Skeleton chopper bike, themed on famine and featuring chrome bodywork and glowing pipes.

- PlayStation Store product description

The Voodoo Acheron is a Chopper available in MotorStorm: Apocalypse by downloading the Revelation Pack DLC. It is by far the most unique Chopper in the game.


  • This Chopper has red boost flames.
  • Uniquely, the Acheron cannot be customized in any way.
  • Acheron is one of the rivers leading to Hades in ancient Greek mythology.
  • A demonic fanged skull makes up the handlebars of this vehicle, with what appears to be huge horns being the actual bars.
  • When boosting, the glowing engine can be seen through this Chopper's 'rib cage'.
  • The Acheron is heavily based on the Hellcycle from the Ghost Rider comics.