Upper bohemia
Upper Bohemia is a track appearing in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It is set in a residential neighbourhood, along with winding streets and some dirt upper paths. In early races, bursting fire hydrants provide pools for boost cooldown. In later races, parts of the street will literally rise up or even explode. Overall, this track is a dramatic backdrop for the terrain changing physics of the game.


  • Welcome to the Neighborhood - Day One, Morning - Mash
  • Baked - Day One, Afternoon - Mash
  • Suburban Shakedown - Day Two, Morning - Destructive Events (Earthquake) - Tyler
  • Up in Smoke - Day Two, Afternoon - Tyler


  • By the time the race "Up in Smoke" takes place, the once beautiful neighbourhood has been completely destroyed, turned to an unrecognisable disaster zone.
  • The streets of Upper Bohemia somewhat resemble the suburbs of San Fransisco.

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