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An in-progress Kill The Buggy

Although there are numerous official event types in the MotorStorm series, there are also many unofficial events that have been created by the MotorStorm community. Such events are common to see when playing online, however events of this type are not restricted to online play.

Mutliplayer oriented eventsEdit

Single-player oriented eventsEdit

  • AI smash - The player drives backwards and attempts to wreck as many forward-driving AI as possible without wrecking themselves.
  • Free-roam - The player, instead of racing, simply explores a track with no intention of racing.
  • Guardian Angel - The player races in eliminator attempting to not only come in first, but to aid a certain ai to come in second as well.
  • Tournament - The most complicated game mode (performed in MSPR), the player races for 4-100 full-grid races/eliminators, keeping track of the position they come in for each race as well as the position for each color of AI name tags. Once the tournament ends the results are calculated.