Minuteman 4

The Minuteman, the most popular vehicle for Trackblockers owing to its large size.

Trackblockers are online players whose goal is to ruin other player's races. Their most common choice of class is Big Rigs, notably the Patriot Minuteman, followed by Monster Trucks. They sit in the middle of the track, usually near the finish, waiting for someone to come by.

This practice has been all but eliminated in later titles thanks to new online gameplay mechanics, as outlined below.


Trackblocking arose in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, and that was the game in which it was most prevalent. Evolution Studios cracked down on trackblocking in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, making it very difficult to accomplish (but not impossible). This is because in Apocalypse, if a vehicle stays still for over 10 seconds, they are automatically disqualified. The vehicle becomes a 'ghost' for the rest of the race, allowing others to drive right through.


There are two methods utilised in trackblocking. The first is to just sit sideways across the width of the track and act as a sort of barrier; the second, and much more effective and infuriating method, is to sit facing the correct direction with the boost held in critical temperature, and then when another player overtakes them they boost explode, wrecking them and anyone else nearby.

How to deal with trackblockersEdit


Trackblockers are essentially the trolls of MotorStorm, therefore the best way to deal with them is to ignore and report them. The best approach to reporting a trackblocker is to send in a Grief Report to Sony, which will commonly result in the banning of the trackblocker from accessing online servers.

Clever vehicle class selection also helps to deal with trackblockers as well. Most just block anybody, however a select few only hunt down specific classes such as Buggies, Rally Cars and Monster Trucks. It is best to choose a small class when dealing with these individuals since the Big Rigs' and Monster Trucks' low mobility allows for easy evasion.

Community reactionEdit

Perhaps the most famous anti-trackblocker goes by the alias "Achilles_xena". He has made jokes of many of the biggest trackblockers in Pacific Rift by uploading videos on his YouTube account, showing trackblockers failing to stop him, for example this one. Trackblockers hated him so much copycats "used" his PSN ID by switching letters of the original to create a visually similar ID - where capital "i"s look like a normal "L" thus making "Achiiies_Xena"

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