Mmv mudpool

When rain and gas mix with the dust of the desert, and ancient riverbed turns into a dangerous gorge of unpredictable carnage. Definitely a favourite for the bigger vehicles. Pity the biker who takes a dip.

"Guys? Did anyone, uh, bring a rope?" - Big Blue

- Festival Card #050

The Mudpool is a track in the original MotorStorm. As the name suggests,iIt is covered with sticky, slippery pools of mud. Only the Mud Pluggers and Big Rigs favour mud, whereas the rest of the vehicles are prone to slipping and sliding.

Vehicles available for racesEdit


  • A Festival Card for it can be found in MotorStorm: Apocalypse.
  • During the Revenge Weekend DLC, Rally Cars can be used for the race, but, like other lightweight vehicle classes, they also have incapabilities of crossing through the muddy part of the track and so the mud must be avoided. However, the Italia Gagliano is a wise vehicle choice as, unlike most Rally Cars, the Gagliano can traverse through thick mud with relative ease.
  • Another event called "The Chase" features all but one of the vehicles being Bikes; it is a Nörd Viking.
  • This track is the first of three mud-based tracks in MotorStorm, the others being Mudslide and Mud Bowl
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