Mmv the grizzly
An endurance test, and the highlight of the Monument Valley festival, the Grizzly proved to be the ultimate test of ability for the gearheads, featuring flat-out racing through mud and rock over the longest course they could make.

"The Grizzly? You just gotta bear it..." - Bueno

- Festival Card #049

The Grizzly is a track in the original MotorStorm.


  • This track has a Festival Card in MotorStorm: Apocalypse.
  • This is the only track in Monument Valley (in the standard game - not including DLC) that you can drive every vehicle class on, in 'MotorStorm' races signified by the golden MotorStorm skull badge.
  • The Grizzly has lended its name to a track in MotorStorm RC, called the Grizzly's Den.
  • The Grizzly is the first track to be played in every level of difficulty before progressing forward.
  • The Grizzly is the only track in MotorStorm history which doesn't place players at the start/finish line before a race. Instead, players must race an extra half-lap before even beginning the race.
  • Gameplay


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