Day One

Concept art of the City, before the "Big One" earthquake.

Day Four

After the earthquake.

The City is the location where MotorStorm: Apocalypse and a portion of the MotorStorm RC Festival takes place.


Although the exact location of the City is unknown, it is described as being sighted on the West Coast of the USA. It is a coastal city, having extensive waterfronts and island outposts. Being placed on a major faultline, the city is constantly under siege by earthquakes, causing a wide array of disasters. From falling towers to crumbling streets, the city is the very definition of mayhem. Judging from the mock-up of the Trans America Building, found in San Francisco, and the whole situation with a massive earthquake rocking the entire city, as well as the "The City" being a nickname of San Francisco's, it is safe to assume that it is heavily based on San Francisco.


Apocalypse tracksEdit

Each track in Apocalypse has a number of variants, ranging from two to four, in which different destructive events may take place.

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