Ae the chasm 2

Anyone who's ever battled through the Rockhopper in Monument Valley knows from the first jump of The Chasm that this race is anything but ordinary. Fighting against shears in the ice shelf all the way along - with tiny gaps to fit through and massive cracks to cross - the mantra here is "go fast - stay fast".

- Loading screen description

The Chasm is a track in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, classified in the High Altitude zone.


  • Hidden Emblem Location: On the Forward version is a hidden emblem near the end of the track. Shortly after exiting the large halfpipe you'll be presented with a series of track options through or over a glacier. But right before these options is a large wooden billboard you must drive under. On the backside of this billboard is a large Killzone Emblem.
  • Hidden Emblem Location 2: On the reversed version of this track is another Emblem. Near the end is two wooden halfppes. Take the pipe on the right. Once on the other side you'll meet a large jump on the far right.To find the Killzone emblem turn around after going off the jump to find it at the ramp's base.
  • It can be argued that The Chasm is the most challenging track in the high altitude zone.
  • The overall shape of the track forms an L. It is unknown if this is intentional or not.

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