Carrier main

Concept art of the Carrier

The Carrier's history is clouted in hearsay and rumour. The most commonly told story involves a high speed, late night raid on a drydock, to save the ship from being scuttled the following morning. The paperwork and cost in taxpayers' money was considered too high to reclaim an already decommissioned ship in an election year.

"It may be too much, but it's home." - Ms. Austin

- Festival Card description

The Carrier is a former military aircraft carrier that was 'acquired' by the organizers of MotorStorm. In MotorStorm: Pacific Rift the carrier acts as a form of giant floating garage for the beach-side festival, while in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, the Carrier acts as a sort of "mothership" and hub for the Festival-goers.


The Carrier appears to be a former military aircraft carrier; it is unclear how the MotorStorm leadership managed to obtain the vessel.

If you look at the concept art of the Carrier's cabin below, you can clearly see a bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey in the corner of the table.

The design of the Carrier serves the purposes of the Festival well. The deck acts as a staging area for transporting vehicles or a place for parties and other events. Below decks, areas formerly designed for aircraft are now used as areas for vehicle storage and maintenance. The elevator used to lift aircraft to the takeoff deck now moves the various vehicles of the Festival.

Vehicles are moved onto dry land by either landing craft or helicopters.

MotorStorm: Pacific RiftEdit

The Carrier transported the MotorStormers to the Pacific island, and served the aforementioned duties. Many of the cinematics that appear at the main menu include the inner and outer workings of The Carrier.

MotorStorm: Arctic EdgeEdit

The Carrier is seen, only once, in the game's opening movie. Numerous heavy transport helicopters are moving vehicles and shipping containers onto the Alaskan shore.

MotorStorm: ApocalypseEdit

Again, the Carrier serves the MotorStormers for the above purposes. However, it also takes on the form of a "safe zone", as it is too dangerous to remain in The City for long periods of time due to instabilities caused by the earthquake. The Festival ends with all those still in the city making a hasty retreat back to The Carrier.

The Carrier is also driven on by players as the starting platform of the track The Rock - "Jailhouse Rock", although only during the races, not during time attacks.



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