Terminus is a track appearing in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. There are four variants and mainly consists of a major transportation, hub station, various surrounding buildings, an occasional collapsed bridge, and various segments parallel to the water's edge.


  • "City Limits" - Day One, Midday - Mash
  • "Wargames" - Day One, Sunset - Tyler - destructive events: DuskLite make an appearance, mainly on the last lap of the race; when jumping across the two collapsed skyscraper ramps, a helicopter destroys the road at the landing and opens hole into the sewers; a DuskLite helicopter destroys a support column and the last piece of highway falls and blocks off a large portion of the right path; a helicopter destroys a section of the elevated highway, turning it into a ramp; a helicopter fires missiles, blowing three craters in the road; a helicopter crashes into a crane and collapses part of the tunnel
  • "Terminal" Velocity - Day Two, Morning - Tyler
  • "Coach Party" - Day Two, Midday - Big Dog - destructive events: Crazies fire rockets and Molotov cocktails at racers; DuskLite forces shoot at players; on the last lap of the race, a DuskLite jumbo jet crash-lands across the finish line, blocking the route that follows the street


  • On the "Coach Party" variant, a DuskLite jumbo jet will crash into the ground, possibly wrecking any unlucky players in its way, just before crossing the finish line.
    • There is also a bug involving said jet where the player can be crushed and forced through the ground and under the map, however, the player will simply respawn.
  • At "Wargames" in the Festival, all competitors drive Mud Pluggers, except Six and Kookaburra, who instead drive the Patriot Bulkhead Big Rigs.

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