Concept art of Tanks

Tanks is a founder member of the Outlanders, a rogue MotorStorm faction formed to oppose the trend toward urban racing. Nevertheless, Tanks is secretly thrilled to race in the City while it falls apart; he was born here to stockbroker parents, and the quake is his dream come true.

"Bring it all down." - Tanks

Festival Card #024

Tanks is one of the playable characters in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, but must be unlocked by levelling up in online play. He seems to be pivotal to the small faction feud that goes on in the MotorStorm universe (although this feud isn't ever depicted in the main storyline).


Like Loner, Tanks seems to be of Asian descent upon first look, although this may be false. Just like his namesake, he wears a tanktop - a gray one with the "Automania" logo prominently displayed. He has a red chinstrap biker's helmet, which is very odd, considering the MotorStormers' general lack of regard for safety, and a necklace of some sort. He wears beige pants with various patches and patched-up rips on the sides, and black steel-toed boots. Tanks also dons a sprawling Yakuza-style front-and-back tattoo that extends to his elbows, a red band around his left arm, and handcuffs on a chain around his waist for accessories.


Tanks' vehicles are painted in a white/red/navy blue striped livery. Notable sponsors are Albion and Carpdiem.


  • Tanks' Festival Card shows him wearing a very different gray tanktop - one with a pin-up girl proudly displayed on the front, and indecipherable red characters on the top and sides of the front.
  • His livery includes the Albion logo, despite the fact that there has been no vehicles (as yet) from this manufacturer in any MotorStorm game.

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