Ae snowgod canyon

Driving on ice sheets and through snow caves is the order of business as the festival storms through Snowgod. The canyon walls play home to a thousand screaming fans begging for action as the racers battle to keep their cars on the track.

-Loading screen description

Snowgod Canyon is a Track in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge.


  • Hidden Emblem Location: On the forward version of this track is a hidden emblem. To find it, drive to round the half way point of the track where you can cause an avalanche. In that area is a tall tower; look at the yellow area at the top of the tower to find the Pursuit Force emblem.
  • This track is an extension to a continuous 'God' naming theme in the MotorStorm series. The first track is seen in the original MotorStorm, called RainGod Mesa. Following Pacific Rift, each Motorstorm game continued to follow this trend with Rain God Spires (MotorStorm: Pacific Rift), this track in Arctic Edge, and Sun God Mesa (MotorStorm RC). The only title to not follow this thematic trend has been MotorStorm: Apocalypse.
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