Snow cats
With its tank-like tracks and huge snow plough, this mega mean machine eats virtually any terrain for breakfast and is slightly grippier than the Big Rig.

- Loading screen description

Snow Cats are large, heavyweight vehicles built primarily for deep snow, appearing exclusively in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge (so far). In MotorStorm: Apocalypse, this vehicle class has its own Festival Card. They suffer from tricky handling and fairly underwhelming acceleration, however their strengths are similar to those of Big Rigs; toughness, and ability to hold their own against almost all other competitors.

List of Snow CatsEdit

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MotorStorm Trailer PSP

MotorStorm Trailer PSP

  • Snow Cats have the greatest advantage on deep snow and ice, but seem to suffer from extreme understeer (even compared to Big Rigs). This is because of their two tracks in place of four independent wheels or tracks, which means that they cannot be handbrake-turned around corners.
  • Gameplay-wise, Snow Cats may actually be the Arctic Edge equivalent of Monster Trucks (although they cannot crush opponent vehicles just by driving over them). Despite this, for some reason in-game they are still considered to be a smaller, lesser class than the Big Rigs (whereas Monster Trucks were always the biggest class in the game).
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