Msa time slowdown

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The Slowdown Effect is a feature seen in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. The Slowdown Effect can be triggered by numerous things, ranging from destruction of The City to being in a wreck. The Slowdown Effect is the effect seen when the camera suddenly pans out or zooms into something whilst the time is seemingly slowed down to emphasize a specific event.


Dunz downtown chopper


  1. Destruction - These events are very prominent in Apocalypse, and can be brought upon by itself, although it is usually brought upon by using the square button when it appears on-screen.
Dunz 101 boardwalk


  1. Wrecking - Very prominent in all the games of the series, exlcuding MotorStorm RC. The camera will pan out while the effects of the crash take place.
Dunz time slowing

A close finish.

  1. Down to the Wire Finish - This event is somewhat rare due to its nature, and it can be fairly difficult to trigger it. This event is triggered when there is another vehicle that is extremely close to the player whilst near the finish line on the last lap. The camera will pan out to show the player the vehicle that is threatening the player's chance of winning. Typically the exact conditions to trigger this include:
    1. Both vehicles boosting.
    2. Both vehicles extremely close to each other.
    3. The player must be in the lead.
    4. The vehicles must be in critical boost. (This condition seems to vary as to whether or not it is a trigger.)
    5. There must be no other vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the player and the other driver.

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