Skyline is one of the playable tracks in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It is set on the tops of falling skyscrapers, which is where the area gets its name from. Smaller vehicles such as dirt bikes are more ideal for this map, though it can be raced with any class.



Map for "Mile High Club" track.

  • "Mile High Club" - Day One, Morning - Destructive Events - Tyler
  • "Aces High" - Day Two, Morning - Destructive Events - Mash
  • "Falling Down" - Day Two, Afternoon - Destructive Events - Big Dog


  • On certain variations of the track, DuskLite helicopters will fire on the player or even crash into the track.
  • The Crazies can often be seen running around and climbing on the cranes.
  • By the end of Day Two, if players look down (or wreck) they will notice that the entire area at the base of the skyscrapers is flooded, suggesting that this portion of the city is underwater, likely due to tsunamis caused by the earthquakes. There is also a vast supertanker ship that has been washed inland, to the right of the large jump at the start of the course.
  • The track is vaguely square shaped, and over half of the track is inside various buildings.
  • In Mile High Club, in a building, there is a picture of the first Motor Storm.


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