Like a high school rock band, the racers of the Roadkill gang changed their name every week. Everyone else just named 'em for their collective intelligence. After a period of "not getting it", the guys embraced it, and began to play up to it.

"New breed of racer? New breed of roadkill is more likely." - Tyler

- Festival Card No. 133

Roadkill is the name of a group of racers featured in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, consisting of Flameboy, Kookaburra, Big Blue, and Bueno.


  • Flameboy is the presumed leader of group, as he appears to be the oldest and has the most experience.
  • Kookaburra
  • Bueno
  • Big Blue


  • "Roadkill" does not appear to be their original name, as their Festival Card states that they renamed their group each week.
  • The name "Roadkill" was apparently settled by the group as the official name because everyone else called them "roadkill".