Concept art of Ratfood.

Mike's middle-class English parents wanted him to be a lawyer... so he grew a mohawk, joined a punk band, called himself Ratfood, and ran off to join MotorStorm. Now he races, and it doesn't matter that he never wins because he's finally doing something he loves.

"**** the world." - Ratfood

- Festival Card #023

Ratfood is a playable character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. He is unlocked by levelling up in online play. As you see on the concept art, he has beer (which is not present when racing) and he is giving the finger which goes along with his quote from the festival card.


Ratfood's vehicles are painted dark gloss green with no vinyls and relatively few stickers. His most prominent sponsor is Rawley.


  • He is one of rather numerous exceptions when it comes to the norm of using the character's concept art as his/her Festival Card "portrait." Instead, one of Ratfood's drawings featured in the Motion Comics is used in place.
  • Very unfortunately, Ratfood's character description and design pretty much splashes him as the literal stereotypical punk rocker - a rebellious attitude, numerous tattoos, and bike gang leather.

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