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:Not to be confused with RainGod Mesa.

A humid, slippery, unfeasibly dangerous track set at the summit of a towering cathedral amongst heavy, pendulous tropical clouds. With immense slick precipices over immense drop-offs, Rain God brings hell to the Heavens and provides one of the Festival’s most dangerous and deadly roller-coaster rides.

- Loading screen description

Rain God Spires is an Air-Zone track in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It has similar hazards to The Edge: sheer cliff faces, tight paths and more than a few jumps. The main feature is a huge jump down towards a large banked corner that will pull you down towards certain doom. This map is great for small vehicles such as Bikes and Buggies but is also well suited for the Monster Truck's quick handling.

Raingodspires track

Map of RainGod Spires.


  • This track is possibly an extension to a continuous 'God' naming theme in the MotorStorm series. The first track is seen in the original MotorStorm, called RainGod Mesa, following MSPR, each Motorstorm game continued to follow this trend with Snowgod Canyon (MotorStorm: Arctic Edge), and Sun God Mesa (MotorStorm RC). The only title to not follow this thematic trend has been MotorStorm: Apocalypse.
  • Although the left-hand jump after the first corner is much greater in height, it is safer than the path on the right.

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