RC carnival

The RC Carnival Expansion Pack is a downloadable content pack for MotorStorm RC.


The RC Carnival Pack contains eight new vehicles and six new tracks.


There is one new vehicle for each class.


In addition to the new vehicles, the RC Carnival Pack contains six new tracks, all of which are set in a "micro theme-park".

Carnival FestivalEdit

The RC Carnival Pack also comes with its own Festival. The Festival contains 24 new events.


MotorStorm RC "Carnival" Expansion Pack Trailer HD01:05

MotorStorm RC "Carnival" Expansion Pack Trailer HD


Trophy Description Level
The Triple Triple Win all 3 medals on any Carnival Festival event. Bronze
Half Loaded Earn 36 medals within the Carnival Festival. Silver
Perfect Stormer Earn all 3 medals on each of the 24 Carnival Festival Events. Silver
Carnival Champion Set a time of 17:00 or less across all Carnival Festival events. Gold

See alsoEdit

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  • Text in the trailer background reads:
Back For One More DLC Pack Only!
If you're reading this far then let me congratulate you, dear reader. Your -- is not lived to extremes but in the pursuit of miniature -- Videos and that too is a noble goal amongst society.
You probably got a computer and thought "I know, I can use this to educ-- -ther and push not only myself, but those that will come after me -- -ment and knowledge OR I could go frame by frame on this video to see w-- says". I think we both know you made the correct choice in your life.

It also says, at 0:54:

If you're reading this far, you're my dear hero, I didn't even think this bit was readable. So, as a reward, I'm going to tell you a secret. Here it is: It's better to--

The rest is elegible.


Carnival Pack trailer

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