Concept art of Queen B.

Some race for status, others for the thrill of success, but Queen B races for power. She hopes to use the political leverage of victory on the track to earn points on the Carrier. Her ultimate goal - to unseat Ms. Austin as the matriarch of the festival.

"Maybe you could do me a favor...?" - Queen B

- Festival Card #013

Queen B is a playable character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. The player must level up online to unlock her for use.


  • Oddly enough, her in-game model has her sporting ponytails instead of her on-Card's depicted 60's-esque hair (complete without bobbypin, to boot)- although it seems that many of the characters' Festival Cards use their concept art for their "portraits." Unlike most other characters enduring this sort of trend, Queen B's in-game model actually remains faithful to her concept art (but again, sans hairstyle).
  • Queen B's Festival Card description may imply that there have been leadership struggles in The Carrier's past (excluding the virtually trivial one between Ms. Austin and Big Dog).

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