Warning: This article contains information considered as spoiling, read at your own risk.

Prologue is a route in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It is solely used as the first part of the story when the MotorStormers are entering the City.

In the Apocalypse Festival, there are 3 prologue races: one for each character. They are as follows:

  • Mash's Prologue - Day One, Dawn - Mash
  • Tyler's Prologue - Day One, Dawn - Destructive Events (minor) - Tyler
  • Big Dog's Prologue - Day One, Dawn - Helicopter fires ahead of Big Dog - Big Dog


  • This route, like Route 666 and Epilogue, cannot be selected in Wreckreation.
  • Mash's Prologue is the only one to start with a countdown, credits, and finally tutorials for the game.
  • Tyler's Prologue's start line is in an airplane. When the race begins, the plane will airdrop Tyler's car on the beach.
  • During Tyler's prologue dusklite set up a road block to keep the motorstormers from the festival site and just in case, there is a ramp so that racers in front will get past without Tyler blowing it up.
  • Big Dog's Prologue's race layout is just like in Route 666, except that it is set in the daytime.

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