Kookaburra's Patriot Stomper

The Patriot Stomper is a Monster Truck featured in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It consists of a NASCAR stock-car body mounted on a Monster Truck chassis.

How to UnlockEdit

The Stomper is unlocked after completing three Level 3 Part Challenges with the Beelzebuggy Bombadier.



  • The Stomper also appears in MotorStorm RC as an RC Monster Truck.
  • This vehicle appears to share the body of the Patriot Renegade.
  • Until the release of the Falfer Tombstone, this was the only Monster Truck in Apocalypse that was a new design, as the other two defaults appeared in earlier titles.
  • No playable characters use this Monster Truck during the Festival in Apocalypse, although Lena uses one during her downloadable events.
  • This vehicle has working doors, tail lights, headlights, and a liftable trunk. A real NASCAR lacks all of these features, as does a real Monster Truck.
  • This vehicle is similar to Monster McQueen from the Disney Cars games, as both are simply stock cars mounted on a Monster Truck frame.
  • This is the 3rd Monster Truck to have a body from a smaller class mounted on a Monster Truck chassis. The other two are the Castro Monstruo ('Monstered' Castro Robusto) and the Beelzebuggy Bombadier ('Monstered' Beelzebuggy Carabid). The Atlas M-SUV does not count, as it is considerably longer than the Atlas Jackhammer.
  • The Stomper appears as a purchaseable PlayStation Network premium avatar.