Patriot pitbull close
The Patriot Pit Bull is a Superbike featured in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. Its Carbon version can be obtained through the Carbon Pack. Strangely, most players receive the Italia Areto Carbon Edition instead of this vehicle, making the Carbon Pit Bull an extremely rare sight. Stranger still, this is the Superbike that is featured in Carbon Pack artwork, while the Areto is seen in previews of the Premier Pack. The non-Carbon version is now available via the Outlaw Vehicle Pack, but it is not fully customizable, aside of modifying its paint colour, wheels, and liveries.


The Pit Bull strongly resembles the Confederate Wildcat X123 Hellcat. It may also take some inspiration from aggressively-styled streetfighter bikes.


  • The Pit Bull is the only two-wheeled vehicle manufactured by Patriot.
  • This Superbike appears to be made from a combination of parts from many other bikes in the game: the front fender is from the Wulff DSGR-1; the rear swingarm is from the Wasabi Hayato; the engine and transmission are from a Chopper; the exhaust resembles one of those available for the Voodoo Howler; and the gauges on the handlebars are similar to some of those for the Mohawk Indiana. This mish-mash of parts from other bikes in the game makes the Pit Bull slightly akin to the Survival Bike style (despite its heavily extensive use of carbon-fibre parts and typically clean appearance).
  • Due to a glitch in the code system, when players attempted to redeem their Carbon Superbike preorder codes, they would instead unlock the Italia Areto Carbon edition. By the time this issue was resolved, most people had already redeemed their codes, leaving few Carbon Pit Bulls in existence - perhaps making it far rarer (and likely more valuable) than even the limited-edition Italia Torquemada Supercar, although its rarity is shunned when compared to the Italia Tauromachia.
  • The non-Carbon version of the Pit Bull still retains most of the carbon parts of the Carbon version; only the fuel tank is not made of carbon fibre.
  • In the PlayStation Store, this Superbike is called the "Monument Valley Motorcycle Club" Superbike, a clear reference to Big Dog's past. The actual download also comes with the MVMC decal that is stamped on all of Big Dog's vehicles.