Patriot P10-XR

The P10-XR being customized.

The Patriot P10-XR is a Supercar in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It is the first Supercar available for non-Festival racing. It is typical of most supercars, having the engine located in front of the rear axle, behind the driver.


  • According to a comment made by Big Dog, this supercar has a V12 engine, however, if the engine is exposed due to damage sustained by the vehicle, a V8 engine can be seen.
  • Mash drives this car on the location Good Herb: "Bridge to Nowhere" during his events of the festival.
  • The P10-XR bears a likely resemblance to the small-volume American supercar, the Rossion Q1.
  • The RC version of the P10-XR also makes a slight cameo appearance in Yoshimi 's shelf, alongside the RC Mirage 101 .
  • Its styling is influenced heavily by many mid-engined sports cars, such as the Gumpert Apollo. The default headlights are from the Koenigsegg Agera.
  • It is possible, with the appropriate parts, to cover almost all of the bodywork in unpainted carbon fibre.
  • This is the supercar of choice of Stone and Lena.
  • The P10-XR returns in MotorStorm RC as a remote-control Supercar.