Minuteman 4

The Patriot Minuteman is a Big Rig in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It has both a standard engine as well as a jet engine at the back that ignites while boost is in use; however, it appears to do nothing to the vehicle's speed.


  • This vehicle seems to be inspired by the jet-powered truck Shockwave.
  • This machine is named after the Minuteman of the American Revolutionary War.
  • The truck portion of the vehicle resembles a Peterbilt 385.
  • This vehicle has a large amount of chromed surfaces, including the front bumper and grill, as well as the jet engine itself.
  • The Atlas M-SUV also has a jet engine attached to the rear of the vehicle, just like the Minuteman.
  • This is the longest Big Rig, making it a primary choice for Track Blockers.
  • Jayanti (green/pink livery), "Weeman" Jones (blue/yellow livery) and Lucky Jack Flynn (purple/white "flames" livery) are the AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.
  • It is one of the default Big Rigs in Pacific Rift, the other being the Molotov Caucasus.


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