Patriot Hoodcruze-R

Stock hoodcurze


The Patriot Hoodcruze-R is a Mud Plugger featured in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, although it resembes some vehicles from earlier titles in the series.


The Hoodcruze-R is the third and final Mud Plugger unlocked for online use. It is unlocked by completing three Level 3 Part Challenges with the Atlas Chowhound.


  • Tyler uses a Hoodcruze-R on the track Terminus: "Wargames".
  • The Hoodcruze-R shares elements of the Chevrolet Tahoe and Volkswagen Touareg (all of which have been modified for off-road racing).
  • The Hoodcruze-R can sometimes be pronounced "Hoodcruiser".
  • This vehicle comes fitted with chrome street rims when first unlocked.
  • The Hoodcruze-R and its relative lack of modifications seems to make it appear to be loosely inspired by the SCORE Stock Mini class of trucks/SUVs.
  • The Hoodcruze-R also appears in the RC Carnival Expansion Pack for MotorStorm RC, but its vehicle class has been changed from Mud Plugger to Racing Truck.
  • Throughout the various tracks in Apocalypse, multiple wrecked SUVs can be found. Upon closer inspection, these actually turn out to be civilian Hoodcruze-R's. This is proven by the same build, lights, and windows. Obviously the Hoodcruze-R the player uses has a higher ride height and larger tires than the civilian version.