Patriot 85
The Patriot 85 Rally Car is based on an iconic '80s sports coupé, retro-fitted with junkyard armour plating. The rear mounted 4 cylinder turbo engine is the only modern part of this retro classic, and check out the gull wing doors - when they get loose, this baby looks like it could fly.

- PlayStation Store description

The Patriot 85 is a Rally Car in MotorStorm, available in the Arizona & Patriot 85 DLC pack, which itself is exclusive to PAL regions. It has various armour over the front and side windows.


  • Because the Patriot 85 is exclusive to PAL regions, it never appeared in the North American or the Japanese version of the game.
  • The 85 closely resembles the DeLorean DMC-12.
  • The name "85" is the year the movie Back to the Future takes place, which features the DeLorean that the 85 is based off of.
  • The 85's wheels are similar to, if not the same as the Italia Gagliano and the Patriot Blackfoot.
  • When boosting with the 85, electrical sounds can be heard unlike with any other vehicle.
  • This is the only vehicle from Monument Valley not to return in Pacific Rift.


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