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The Patriot 80 is a Big Rig in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and MotorStorm RC.


In Pacific Rift, the 80 is unlocked by leveling up Festival Rank in the Festival mode of the game.

The 80 is featured in the Elite Off-Road Pack in MotorStorm RC.


The 80 is another fully-fledged racing Big Rig, complete with a rear spoiler, in the style of T4 racing trucks. Its design and concept (a twin-engined racing truck) is similar to the DAF "Turbotwin" which competed in the Dakar rally raid in the late 1980s.

Pacific Rift press kit descriptionEdit

Manufacturer: Patriot
Production: 1989 to 1993 (18 produced)
Chassis: Steel and titanium trellis chassis
Engine Type: 19L twin engined quad turbo
Power output: 3,100bhp
Layout: Centre engined, 4 wheel drive
Transmission: 5-speed gear box
Wheelbase: 4393mm (172.9in)
Length: 6866mm (270.3in)
Width: 2711mm (
Height: 3347mm (131.7in)
Curb weight: 10,500kg (23,100Lbs)
Top Speed: 125mph
0-60: 6.5 seconds
0-100: 9.1 seconds
Class: Dakar Big Rig
Designer: Andrew Bolt Engineers: David Griffiths, Neil Massam, Ben Curtis, Jen Wie Tse, Chris Gage, Simon Gibson
The Patriot 80 Big Rig is a pure racing machine and was built only for racing events. In the mid 1990’s the vehicle was mothballed as it was deemed to be far too powerful and extreme for many racing events at that time. It was only until the MotorStorm event became a reality did the Patriot 80 find the race it was destined for. The 80 is an incredible machine. It can accelerate like a rally car and it handles very well for its huge size. The twin engines in the 80 produce over 1,500bhp each, giving a total output in the region of 3,100bhp. Each engine is equipped with two turbochargers and powers only one axle each. Most of the Patriot 80’s entered into the MotorStorm events are run by the Patriot company.


  • The 80 has been spotted in many pieces of MotorStorm: Apocalypse concept art. However, it never made it into the final version of the game.
  • Liz Bates (red/white/black livery), Lucy Stock (blue livery) and Hannibal Rush (red/white/blue livery) are the AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.

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MSA concept art by Steve Hird.