Part Challenges are the sole method of unlocking vehicles in MotorStorm: Apocalypse.


Appearing so far only in Apocalypse, each vehicle has a set of four "Part Challenges"; these are online-only goals that the player must achieve in order to unlock the next model in that class. For example, to unlock the Monarch Tike, one must complete sufficient Challenges with the Wulff GRXii, and that must be unlocked with the Mirage 101.

Each Challenge has three Levels: 1, 2, and 3. Each Level is more difficult and will take longer to achieve than the former, and to unlock the next vehicle the more Level 3 Challenges must be completed. To use the example of SuperMinis again, while only two Level 3 Challenges are required to unlock the GRXii, the Tike must have three complete Challenges. This is true to all classes.

Types of challengesEdit


Points awarded for successful drifting.

Wreck OpponentsEdit

Wreck your opponents to score here; each wreck equals one point to the tally.

Beat OpponentsEdit

Beat your opponents; every other driver beaten is worth one point.


Spend time in the air; the more hang-time, the higher the score.

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