Ozutsu tanto j


The Ozutsu Tanto is a Racing Truck in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and a SuperMini in MotorStorm RC.


In Pacific Rift, the Tanto is unlocked by leveling up Festival Rank in Festival mode.

In RC, it is available in the Elite Sports Pack.


Like some others in its class, the Tanto resembles more of a hybridized truck/car racing vehicle. Its most prominent feature, just like its smaller sibling the Ronin, is a unique and prominent rear spoiler.

It somewhat resembles the various motorsport conversions of the Suzuki SX4.


  • The Tanto's engine reads "V6 TWIN TURBO" if one looks at the exposed engine using Photo Mode. Despite this, however, the Tanto's engine has the default Racing Truck sound, which is that of a V8.
  • The Tanto's number plate is actually in the style of a British number plate, reading DA57 EGU. However, where the "GB" would usually be in the blue section on the side, it says "MS" instead (presumably standing for MotorStorm).


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