Ozutsu senpai
The Ozutsu Senpai is a Rally Car exclusive to MotorStorm: Arctic Edge. It appears to be based on a classic rally car.


The Senpai bears a strong resemblance to the Datsun 240Z Rally Car, although it also takes inspiration from the Toyota Celica GT-FOUR Rally Car (ST185).

Arctic Edge Customizable PartsEdit

  • Front Bumper (Colour changing allowed)
  • Lights
  • Wheels (Colour changing allowed)
  • Rear Spoiler (Colour changing allowed)
  • Number of available slots for sponsor stickers: 7
  • Bonus livery: Yes


  • If one looks closely at the back, there is a license plate that reads "GR4V3L", leetspeak for the word "gravel".
  • The Senpai can have its bumpers, foglights, and spoiler changed for basic customization.
  • It is unlocked by winning the "Shift and Drift" Invitational, making it the last Rally Car unlocked in the game.
  • This vehicle has a bonus livery unlocked from the Pursuit Force Emblem bonus pack.
  • Owing to the Senpai's raised ride height, snorkel, and bullbars, it seems inspired by the modifications made to World Rally Cars to compete in the Safari Rally.
  • Senpai is a Japanese term for someone who is a mentor to another.

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