Concept art of Oscar Zero.

Oscar Zero hangs out with the Poet, who helps him deal with his anger. Why is it that the poorer you get, the more the system's stacked against you? Oscar was born poor but has an aptitude for driving, and immense physical bravery.

"It's not winners and losers, it's ones and zeroes." - Oscar Zero

- Festival Card #009

Oscar Zero is a playable characters in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. He is one of the four initially available characters who can be used without need to unlock them online.


Oscar Zero seems to be one of the only four black characters in the game, which also include Stone, Mash, and 8-Bit. He wears a worn bomber jacket decorated with multiple medals and patches, with a gray-brown buttoned-up shirt underneath, and also sports a silver necklace around his neck and scuffed brown leather boots.


  • Strangely enough, Oscar Zero's Festival Card image shows him smoking a cigar. However, none of the characters in Apocalypse (not even Dice) ever smoke during in-game races, nor do they in the Motion Comics.

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