Ae northern face
"The party never stops for MotorStorm, not even in a 12-below-zero blizzard. On the Northern Face, the racers just moved the lazers and lights into the caves of the mountain to ride out the storm."

Northern Face is a Track in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge.


  • Hidden Emblem Location: On the forward version of this track is a hidden Little Big Planet Emblem. To find it you must traverse two thirds of the track until you are almost upon the entrance to the cave where the race starts. At the final left turn before entering the cave jump off the jump made of snow and look backwards. On the cliff face is an Emblem
  • Hidden Emblem Location 2: The reversed version of this track also possesses a hidden Emblem. To find it traverse about two thirds of the track until you reach a three way split (two entering a cave, the other traverses outside the cave). If you take the far right path, look back while taking the second jump; on the cliff face should be another Emblem.
  • It can be argued that Northern Face is the easiest mid-altitude track in MSAE.
  • Gameplay

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