Ae mudbowl

"In the foothills of WolfPack Mountain, MotorStorm takes a break from the permafrost and snow to get stuck in the mud once again, slipping around the dugouts of what used to be a forest, before logging devastated the side of the hill and turned it into a pit."

Mud Bowl is a Track in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge.


  • This track is the third mud-based track in MotorStorm, the others being Mudpool and Mudslide.
  • Hidden Emblem Location: On the forward version of this track is possibly the easiest Emblem to find. Near the end of the track you'll come upon three routes; take the one leading up a ramp on the left side. As you go off the ramp you'll jump over a snow hill with a massive Pursuit Force emblem on it.
  • Gameplay

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