This page lists all of the 99 vehicles available in MotorStorm RC (including the DLCs). Bikes, ATVs, Choppers, Superbikes and Mud Pluggers are not included in the game. However, it is worth noting that each vehicle in the game does have a slightly different feel to them, even though that some of them may be in the same class. For example, some cars can keep their speed up in corners, or can kick their tail-end out more than others.

Basic Vehicles

These are all the 32 vehicles available in MotorStorm RC without DLCs (including secret unlockable vehicles).


Fairly fast, light, and front wheel drive means they will not oversteer; therefore they have predictable handling. Their low bodies are no worry on the flat (and occasionally banked) tracks.

Racing Trucks

The typical MotorStorm affair; heavy, loud, and not particularly fast. They suffer from some understeer at speed, and they downright refuse to drift.

Monster Trucks

Big tyres combined with a high ride height mean these can easily drive over the top of other vehicles. They lack the car-crushing ability of their larger cousins.


Good speed, decent grip, and agile, these are perfect all-rounders. They will drift, but do not push it. They will oversteer severely, resulting in a spin. They are also the smallest, lightest vehicles in the game, so they cannot barge larger competitors around; however, their low stance means they can push underneath other vehicles.

Rally Cars

Four wheel drive on tarmac makes these feel heavy and unresponsive. They are very fast, however, and like to drift on all surfaces (especially off-road). A bit of a handful to control, but once mastered they will fly.

Big Rigs

Slow acceleration but high top speed, these heavyweights have the bulk to easily push other vehicles out of the way. Low marks on handling, so take advantage of the steep banking on some of the tracks to maintain speed.

Muscle Cars

The only way these cars know how to get around a corner is sideways - this being the reason why they are the only selectable vehicles for Drift events. They have a high top speed and more than enough power to spin up their wheels. They are the heaviest of the conventional cars.


The fastest vehicles in the game. Massive power and agility are the strong points here; however, they are pretty heavy. They can drift, but the main focus here is on grip. At least 1 medal per event is needed to unlock these. Alternatively, purchase any vehicle of this class or unlock the Italia Striker for quick access.

Secret Unlockable RC Vehicles

A variety of vehicles in MotorStorm RC are unlocked by completing specific tasks. Click on a vehicle's link for more information.

DLC Vehicles

These are all of the downloadable vehicles available for MotorStorm RC.

Elite Vehicle Packs

Mischief Vehicle Packs

RC Pro-Am Expansion Pack

RC Carnival Expansion Pack

Individual RC Vehicles

These DLC vehicles are only available as separate vehicles.